Starting to Own the Podium!

26 02 2010

They told us to be patient. They told us our medals would come at the end of the 2-week extravaganza. So we waited, we speculated, we blamed, we pointed fingers, we dis-owned the podium.

Today…is our day!

The Hometeam had a day of redemption, like “winning wednesday“…the medals just piled in today thanks to Curling and Short track!

Curling: Cheryl Bernard played a great game. she stole 3 points (thats hard to do by the way) but was forced to play an extra end (overtimes). and it came down to the last rock…unable to perfectly execute, so she “settles” for the SILVER medal!!!! Atta Girl! Tomorrow is the mens final, Kevin Martin is a curling god…he is going for ultimate dominence.

Short track: In the most dramatic sport, came the most dramatic final of the Olympics. Two Canadians made the finals (guaranteed at least one medal…) one of which was Charles Hamelin, who saw his enthusiastic, cracker-jack of a girlfriend nab a silver earlier last week, was gunning for his gold. In a confusing, yet highly entertaining race…Hamelin came out GOLDen and his candian partner ended up finishing in BRONZE position! 2 medals, in one race!

**side note: the best piece of footage CTV captured ALL week….footage of Hamelins girlfriend (Marie St Gelais) watching this race…look for it, it’s amazing, she goes absolutly bat-wild…!**

BREAKING NEWS! Canada’s Short track relay team just struck GOLD! another GOLD for Canadian shortrackers, Charles Hamelin is having a heck of a night (so is his girl, she is literally going nuts on international TV!)

And of course, there was that hockey game… no medals on the line, but Canada needed to win this one for a chance at gold against the USA (why is it always those pesky Americans!) Updates to come, game still in session…but Canada is up 3-0 in the third. Pretty safe to set the date with the Americans….sunday at 3pm.

Here’s the growing medal picture after a great 3 medal day (so far…!)




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