Oh BOY Canada!

27 02 2010

How do we define success? What is winning?

Is it quality over quantity? Is it based on surpassing records, beating the odds, surprising results?

Numbers speak volumes about the acheivements of Canada’s atheletes in these winter games on home turf.
Consider this:

After tonight, Canada has reached 13 GOLD medals. That ties a record for most EVER by a country at a winter games and smashes the record for most ever won by a home country!

We also have a guaranteed 26 medals overall, that may not be tops in terms of quantity, but it breaks the Canadian record for most medals won by our country, overtaking our previous record in the last games in Turin!

So Canada, OWN it. This is an accomplishment no one can take away from us. The highest step on the Podium, belonged to us this time, in our land…propelled by our spirit!

With a GOLD in Speedskating Pursuit, and (5 minutes later) a GOLD in SNowboard Slolam, a BRONZE in 4-man bobsled and a GOLD to cap off the evening in Mens Curling… it was another day of domination for the hometeam.

And the medal picture now looks like this:

…missing one piece, Mens Hockey GOLD. That’s tomorrow night…



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