Back to Reality…

1 03 2010

literally…back to Reality TV. It’s monday night, which means ABC takes over from NBC’s temporary ratings supremacy, with their dramatic-juggernaut…The Bachelor.

It’s not just any bachelor monday folks… it’s the FINALE, and the After the Final Rose (a post-show wrap up that was put on the MAP last year with the Jason/Molly phenomenon)

How could it get much more emotionally tumultuous this season? With a finale to rival all other finales (at least that’s what they are promising). Listen, we’ve all heard the rumours, and considering Jake has already been doing some damage control about his ‘decisions…” I think it’s safe to say alot of us will be unhappy with the outcome tonight. To be even more ‘elephant in the room’ about it…Vienna (the female Wes)  might just win this thing.

Obviously, this would be very upsetting…and I think it will chip away at Jake’s credibility as a discerning, stand-up guy looking for true love. So look for him to do alot of  explaining on the “after show”…if not dump Vienna altogether. I hear Rozlyn’s available.

The other reason to watch tonight, ABC will also be releasing the names for the newest cast of Dancing with the sorta-Stars! (Wow, Abc is really coming on strong after the Olympics… sucker punch to the groin for NBC. ) I am already hearing a few rumours about this one… first, we know Pamela Anderson will be one of the contestants ‘gracing’ the stage (first time you’ve heard the word grace associated with Pam -And right? sorry…) The other thing I’m hearing, is that last year’s most photog-ed mama has also signed on…No, not the Octo-mom…the other one: Kate (my husband is a fame-monger but I’m not) Goselin. You shouldve been next to me when I read this…I’ve never made such a disgusted sound in my life, not an attractive response. But really, this is jsut such an eye-roller for me. Other rumours include: Tom Selleck, K-Fed and another football ‘star’.

I guess the next question is…who will take over the co-host spot left tragically by whats-her-face. I’m hearing Brooke Burke (boring), Scary Spice (far more entertaining!) or…Ellen (not a chance).

So be watching ABC tonight, that’s really where the party is. Start watching at 8pm tonight, I will have all the post-show reaction and  complete DWTS cast list after the Final (somehow I doubt it) Rose.

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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