I feel used…

1 03 2010

I have my own theories about this season’s Bachelor…if you care, here they are:

Last season, The Bachelor really came into it’s own as THE dramatic drug and watercooler/talk-show fodder. Although it’s not a new show, it has Up and Down seasons…last year was arguably THE MOST DRAMATIC after-the rose cermony, or even most dramatic hour of TV in the past decade. Jason choosing one girl and dumping her LIVE on TV for another girl…you can’t write stuff like that…or can you?

This season, I feel like this story was written from the start. There were many signs… Vienna was the girl in the spotlight the entire time. She was the one they WANTED us to hate. The villain. Tenley was the girl everyone expected…she was jake in female form.

But Jake defended Vienna with his every breath. From the get-go they had a ‘special’ relationship. Contoversial…but great for TV.

We were set up!

Fine. I fell for it…joke’s on me. I’m sure they pegged Vienna from the start, as a girl to promote as the one to root AGAINST…but they couldnt have found a more sentimaental choice than Tenley. Seeing that girl absolutly crest-fallen yet classy upon rejection…it’s almost shameful. But who knows…maybe she’s the real fakey and Vienna is the real heroine. I dunno anymore…

In closing, my theory is that reality TV plays with everyone’s head, and it’s far from ‘real’ TV. So the fact that they chose such a ‘safe’ Bachelor in Jake, meant that they had to create alot of drama to compensate. And Rozelyn couldnt bare that responsibility all by herself.

Congrats Jake…you really are her biggest fan…err…only fan.




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2 03 2010

Now is my time – I’m finally going to comment, though I unexpectedly (slash magically) found your blog and have been reading for weeks. I’m never watching the Crapelor again. It’s true. I’ve lost all faith. But you know, I can’t help but think that every time Jake is asked if he’s happy now, he responds with an, “Um, yeah. . . I’m, uh, I’m happy. Yeah.” Like he’s really thinking, “Holy shit. What the eff did I do – can I get another season? What’s the return policy?” Good luck with Vienna! Bleh.

2 03 2010

hey thanks for stumbling by…and coming back!
I yelled out last night “why am I watching this?!” and realized that I say that EVERY season. And maybe THIS time…I can finally say, “I quit”…but to be completly honest, I’m sure I will still watch, shameful…but at least I’m being honest.

I dont think I can stand to watch Ali as the BAchelorette… maybe that will help me ‘kick’ my Bachelor obsession.

feel free to comment whenever you feel inclined…!

2 03 2010

I was so annoyed at the end of the show, but I think Tenley is too good for him. I’m glad he let her go for her sake.

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