DWTS Pairs Announcement

2 03 2010

We’ve seen the cast of ‘celebs’…now here are the pairings for the momentus event:

  • Kate Goselin and Tony
  • Erin Andrews and Maks
  • Buzz Aldrin and Ashley
  • Pam Anderson and Damien
  • Shannon Doherty and Mark
  • Niecy Nash and Louis
  • Chad and Cheryl
  • Jake Pavelka and Chelsie
  • Nicole Sherzinger and Derek
  • Aiden and Edyta
  • Evan Lysachek and Anna

Derek always gets the “hot” one, Cheryl hasnt had a good partner since Gilles (Wayne Newton doesnt count…), Evan and Anna are a cute pair, Jake lands the cute/hot/blonde…Deja Vu? Wouldve loved to see Shannon Doherty try to act like a diva with Maks– she got off easy! Gotta tell ya, I will miss Lacey and Karina this season, they are two of the more interesting pros…and this cast is bit….vanilla (minus Pam Anderson…she’s anything but!)

Tune in March 22nd for the Kate Goselin hour…I mean…premier.



2 responses

2 03 2010

I thought Julianne was coming back???! I’m pretty bummed out I was really hoping she would! Oh well! And why in the heck did they pick Jake Pavelka again? I’m seriuosly sick of looking at him let alone hearing about him almost all the time!

2 03 2010

Julianne is still working on her ‘music career’ i think. I’m of the mind that the real stars of this show are the pros…they are far more talented, far more interesting…and mostly…far more attractive in fake tan and glitter. So I’m not a fan of getting rid of ‘pros’…
and yes, you’re right… Is the same producer working on The Bachelor working on DWTS? too much crossover!

thanks for your thoughts… we’re totaly on the same page.

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