Tuesday Night Idol-ling

3 03 2010

It’s boys night…isnt it every night? sorry…

Big Mike– apparantly was a GLEE kid in highschool…which made him turn to bodybuilding (for obvious reasons). He sang “Mans World” getting rave reviews! He has a great voice, nothing earth-shattering, but he has a presence and a nickname already…so he’ll be fine.

Jon Park- (side note: when is the swept hair look going out?) sings ‘Gravity’, sometimes when a blues song is sung by someone with ……no blues…it sounds like shower singing. You know…lacks life. I just felt the performance was lacking…but his voice could be commercial. The judges all agreed…no SOUL.

Casey- The shirtless, Gabriel Aubry look alike. I go back and forth on this guy…I didnt like the circumstances of him getting through based on a steamy moment with Kara…but then in Hollywood he impressed me and kept his shirt on. Tonight, he brought out the ultimate Chick-magnet…a guitar and a Gavin Degraw song. Voice was a bit forced, but he’s a rockstar with really pretty hair …swoon!

Alex Lambert– an unfortunate and unoriginal last name…and why does he have a pseudo-hipster-mullet? He sings John Legend, and plays a mean acoustic guitar. If I close my eyes, I LOVE this guy (minus the off key last note)…but he needs to ditch the Hobbit look for me to really be Team Lambert.

Todrick Hall- is wearing a flashy flashy outfit, and singing Tina Turner. This can’t be good. and it isnt. This guy has beautiful eyes, and I remember him being a really creative and charasmastic auditioner, but since then he became a lounge singer.

Jermaine Sellers– His video piece shows him rocking a ‘onesy’…i have an instant connection with this guy. Unfortunately he sings ‘let’s get it on’…and it’s even duller than the original. I wish he was as cool as his onesy.

Time Urban-Is far too HighSchool Musical for me…maybe I’m just old. He sang a really great song, Come and Get High, but he watered it down quite a bit… how very Zach Ephron of him. He was in trouble last week, but now Simon is surprisingly on his side…and his hair is perfect, so he may just slide through with love from  the Justin Beiber fans.

Aaron Kelly- Does not look like an American Idol, if they even have a ‘look’. But when I close my eyes, this guy has an outstanding voice. Totally commercial, totally adaptable and totally melodic. He just looks like every other kid who sits in the back row in a highschool math class. But really, sweet sweet voice…maybe theyll make him over a bit, because right now, I cant see him on lunchboxes and pencil sharpeners across America.

Andrew Garcia- A favourite from the start- his version of Straight Up in Hollywood was a highlight. But he is fading into a forgettable falsetto with a guitar. I hope he gets his creative juices flwoing and doesnt go down that path… because I still like him.

Lee Dwyze- I like him…alot. And maybe it’s just that every season needs a Lee. A guy who is comfortable in his own style, and can sing a song like he wrote it. He sang Lips of an Angel, and it was definitly a highlight of the otherwise really uninspired night. His look is great, his voice is Daughtry-esque (therefore, fit for radio) and he stands out (without rocking a onesy).

Girls hit the stage tonight… My expectations are that one or two will be worth talking about, and the rest will sing bad versions of Whitney, Christina and Duffy.




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