The Big Fat Oscar Show…

7 03 2010


Best Supporting Actress: Mo’nique (Mo’Nique had her Mo’Ment for her Mo’nologue…now she’s Mo’ney)

Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz (now let’s see him fake an American accent next…)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Precious (is it insulting that the book had to be rewritten to make a good movie?)

Costume Design: Young Victoria (Oscars love affair with Royals continues.)

Make up: Star Trek (this is now an Oscar winning film…)

Animated Film: UP (Up…not Up in the Air…FYI)

Sound Editing: Hurt Locker (the first win goes to the ‘David’ Hurt Locker over the giant Avatar…)

Cinematography: Avatar (finally, this movie WINS something….2 Billion dollars, and now justice!)

Original Score: UP (sit down Up in the Air people…)

Visual Effects: Avatar (good thing Hurt Locker didnt employ CGI…that one wouldve stung)

Documentary: The Cove (Save the Dolphins people!)

Editing: The Hurt Locker (another one for the little guys…)

Foreign Language: The Secret in Their Eyes (you’ll probably never see this movie, but I bet you saw the Hangover…)

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges (we all knew it was coming…could’ve spared us the hours of waiting…!)

Best Actress: Sandra Bullock (from Ms Congeniality to Miss America…transformation complete!)

Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow (History made..I can now vote and win an award for directing)

Best Film: The Hurt Locker (guess you should go out and rent that movie eh?)

Other thoughts:

Question… why are the twilight broods here, and Zac Efron? Where the heck are brad and Angie? And John Mayer?

Bit of a Kanye moment with the crazy red-head woman…everyone holds their breath and realizes it’s not Bette Midler stealing the spotlight.

Star Trek won an Academy Award…then again so has Eminem. But Alfred Hitchcock dies Oscar-less. Strange world.

A sign of the day: nominated in the same category- a german art film, a war film, a completely CGI film, and Harry potter.

Is Neil Patrick Harris the new face of Hollywood…? Isn’t he just like…a more well adjusted version of McCauley Caulkin?

See…there ARE jobs for SYTYCD cast-offs!

Big Fail: missing Farrah Fawcett in the memorial tribute. That’s more than a ‘shucks’ moment… Imagine if she was a Jackson? Someone’s head would be served on a platter.

Random moment: Kathy Bates introducing Avatar. Was Neil Patrick Harris busy?

Cutting down the acceptance speeches does nothing…if you add 5 minutes per nominee to laud excess praise from fellow actors (who wish they were getting the award).

I knew Oprah would show up!

True face of Hollywood…Tom Hanks. Seriously.

Hosts were funny…considering there were two of them…very little actual face time. Kind of like the Polka-roo.




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