Post Oscar Tidbits

8 03 2010

Coming off such a great night (marathon) of TV…not only is it hard to face a monday morning, It’s hard to face a monday without the Bachelor!

Here’s a few ‘tidbits’ to keep you going after a Sunday night Oscar euphoria:

  • Apparantly 9 Germans were arrested for trying to ‘get in’ to the Oscars ( In their defense, they saw Kristin Stewart, Nicole Richie and Miley Cyrus’ mom get in… I can see where they may have been confused)
  • Also arrested (escorted out) was Sean Penn…the grown man got into a fight with one of the Hurt Locker producers (half of me wishes it was with one of the Breakfast Club kids…80’s flashback!)
  • The crazy red-head interuptus looked really awkward beacause, it was. She and her fellow producer apparantly had a falling out, and her name was supposed to be taken OFF the ballot (way to stick it to your co-worker…taking their moment in the spotlight, a moment one can never get back…hell hath no fury…)
  • Yup, Farrah Fawcett was left out of the Memorial Tribute…along with Bea Arthur.
  • And Martin Short was supposed to accompany the (awkward and misplaced…) opening number with Neil Patrick harris, but pulled out at the last minute. Maybe THAT”s why it seemed…strange.
  • In non Oscar news…the newest host of Dancing with the Stars was announced this morning… welcome back Brooke Burke (I guess the producers didnt want to stray much from a brunette who can fit into Samanthas wardrobe…)

Nothing will beat the excitement and glamour of last night, but if you’re looking for TV tonight, there some wedding on ABC….that’s if you’re looking for more pretty girls in dresses, fairytale endings, tears and acceptance speeches.

Whatever you decide to watch, Have a great TV night.




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