American Idol:Boys Night

10 03 2010

Another rushed evening, with no video pieces or montages…no frills, just singing.

Lee- I love this guy. He sounds like he already has a record contract, and this is just another gig on the tour. So confident in himself, so pro. He sang Fireflies…a soupy, overproduced hit…but in his own raw/acoustic vibe…made the song better.

Alex Lambert- I still thin this guy needs new hair and a new last name to be a big star. He has a hobbit-mullet. And maybe if he DIDNT have one…he WOULD have more mojo. Close your eyes, he’s got a standout voice.

Tim- takes on THE song. THE song. You know, THE song you sing when you want to come across emotionally and serious. Hallejuah by Leonard Cohen. But think Zac Ephron singing that song…it was good, and your kids will love it.

Andrew Garcia– now has an MO. He’s the guy that acoustifies (word?) pop-diva songs. He did Paula, he did Alicia and tonight he did Christina. I think he has a definitive style…but it might get old.

Casey-went safe on us. He and his acoustic guitar sang a  Keith Urban ballad, while sitting in tight jeans and a Western shirt on a bar stool. He has a good, mellow voice…but he takes no risks, and came across as dull tonight. SHoulda taken off the shirt…

Aaron-It sounded like request night at the local karaoke joint…The kid is 16 and he’s singing a song your aunt still likes –Already There, Lonestar. Not only that, he has absolutly no sex appeal- safe for the tweens, awkward for the rest of us! He has the same effect on me as that Archuleta kid, except I jsut dont see 13 year olds listening to his music. yikes.

Todrick-I thought he would go last week, and he may have another chance to go THIS week. He tried to go back to his Broadway roots and sing a GLEE version of Somebody to Love. But he’s no Freddie Mercury, and he’s not young enough for the GLEE crowd…He’s a head-scratcher.

Big Mike-made Kara cry. Probably because he sang a syruppy Maxwell hit, and falsetto-ed into the hearts of America. Power ballads are a wonderul thing- especially on this show. He knows where the money notes are, and he hit every single one. I wasnt moved to tears, but he capped the night off on a high note (literally).



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