Drama Queens, Drag Queens and The Queen “T”…

10 03 2010

What more can you ask for on a wednesday night…especially now that Mondays lack the usual shot of Bachelor Melodrama?

America’s Next Top Model:

Theres a new theme- and it’s an attempt to keep ANTM cycle 14 fresh, but it’s also an eye-roller (warning!). Tyra introduced her “FierceSpace” (thats facebook and myspace…but 50 punds thinner and in cuter shoes).  And this Space can only have 14 friends (what kind of network is THAT?!)- .

Okay we get it…only 14 will be selected. Let the games begin.

Highlights from the first round:

  • 2 girls admitted to getting pregnant their ‘first time’…thats just bad luck.
  • One girl revealed she grew up in a cult…where she was made to scrub floors with toothbrushes…oh and perform sexual favours…one of those seems like a pity plea.
  • A debutant (the godchild of Cybil Shepherd) who hasnt worked a day in her life. Nice. We have so much in common…
  • 2 ‘Plus’ sized models…considered elephants- in reality are skinnier than most people watching.
  • A girl from the ‘hood’ but ‘not the trashy hood’. (is that the Conneticut hood? I hear the Martha’s Vineyard hood has a bad reputation)
  • A girl who openly doesnt date white guys because…well…they ‘look’ different.
  • A returnee…I cant tell you how much I hate returnees…
  • A girl with nasty tats and piercings…who wants to be a model…(Is that Chanel on the phone?)
  • A girl who claims to have studied ‘fashion’…but blows that theory out of the water by pronouncing Givenchy as Da Vinci.
  • When asked to pose like her favourite model, a girl says she is channeling Megan Fox. Newsflash…Playboy doesnt count as modelling.

There are definitely enough drama queens, emotional trainwrecks and “you cant steal my dream‘ers to make this an interesting season. I dont know anyone’s name yet…probably wont until there only a handful yet. (They will all get nicknames from me until then…try to follow along!)




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