Tuesday Idol recap

10 03 2010

Rush Rush Rush…!
Ryan is ushering us through this night like he’s trying to catch a bus or something. 8 songs in 1 hour…plus the normal time alloted for commercials?!?! can it be done?

Let’s get to it…!

Katie: How many times must I reiterate…singing a past idol’s song is about as desperate and unoriginal as it gets. SOme people never learn. Katie was on my list to go LAST week…and this week she decides to sing “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson- not even her best song. It just lacked…everything for me. SHe’s cute and commercial…but I dont want another boring Jordan Sparks year. Next…!

Sioban: Took on arguably one of the best classic blues/rock anthems…House of the Rising sun. This girl has got IT…and has such an ear for music. I talked last week about how chooses meaningful songs…steering clear of the Miley Cyrus party tunes.

Lacey Brown: Sang a weird, uninteresting  song…all the while sitting on the stairs. Waaay better than last week for her…but the song was really irrelevant, and I think pretty forgettable at the end of the day…I couldnt tell you what song it was to be honest.

Katelyn Epperly: sings the ultimate coffee-house classic…I feel the Earth Move. The only thing interesting about this performance was the vintage 70’s keyboard she played. The girl is definitly talented…but needs someone to advise her on the song choice…it was just…so….nothing.

Didi:Here’s a girl that wowed me in Hollywood week…but fell short last week. Tonight she just sang Fleetwood Mac…beautifully! When she sings a good ol’ fashion song, straight…with just an acoustic guitar, she is at her best. No, she didnt have any soaring Sioben notes…but her pure voice was refreshing.

Paige: I had her pegged to go home last week. I find her predictable and young. This week she took on a Michael Jackson haunting and iconic tune…Smile. I know MJ is sooooo hot right now…but just not a good idea in hindsight honey. Yikes. Her voice sounded whiney and weak…nail in her coffin I believe. I should be safe with my prediction for thursday’s axe.

Crystal: The girl was rocking a seriously hot white electric guitar. Her confident throwback to blues/rock is always welcome in a  group of boring pop princesses. She kills it everytime, tonight was no different with Give me One Reason to Stay…and I thought nothing could top the vintage keyboard…but that is one SEXY white guitar.

Lily: Okay…I change my mind…the ONE thing cooler than a white electric guitar: a mandolin. The indy-rock chick comes out with a Mandolin….knock me down with a feather, that’s the last thing I expected! Her song edged on campy…but it was definitly different. She gets major originality points!

The night got better as it went along, Katie started it off with a fizzle…but the girls at the end sizzled!




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