Idol Surprise

11 03 2010

Going into tonight’s elimination, I was brimming with confidence. Seriously.

I honestly thought that with the off-key BUM notes from Paige and forgettable performance from Lacey…those two would be an easy axe tonight. So imagine my surprise when Paige made it to the Top 12 stools…and a few girls later…Lacey joined her. !!!!???

First girl gone was Katelyn Epperly, maybe I was the only person that liked her…but at the very least, she stayed on key more than Paige last night!

Then it came down to two totally opposite contestants. Lily (the indie-judge favourite) and Katie (the commercial 16 year old). I thought this was a fairly obvious choice…the original over the ordinary. Right?!

Wrong. Lily goes home. I’m 0 for 2.

Now for the boys. It was a toss up for me this week, because there werent many emerging superstar performances. But (thank goodness) my pick, Todrick got the first boot (saving my reputation…a bit). I was pretty sure that Aaron, or even Garcia or Casey could be joining him…but one by one…they all got seats in the Top 12. In the end, Hobbit Mullet (Alex Lambert) was the second boy to leave us. Wow…I mean, the kid had no moxie…but he DID have a voice.

I’m slightly befuddled by what transpired tonight…good thing I didnt bet my right arm on the outcome.

Here is your Top 12 America…

  • Big Mike
  • Aaron Kelly
  • Sioban Magnus
  • Didi Benami
  • Casey James
  • Lee Dewyze
  • Paige Miles
  • Lacey Brown
  • Andrew Garcia
  • Crystal Bowersox
  • Katie Stevens
  • Tim Urban



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