Thursday TV Night…

11 03 2010

your reward for sitting through Jason and Mollys wedding on monday…and somehow managing to make it past another wednesday- your gift, is thursday night TV. I’m serious, get out of any plan you’ve made for this evening. Stay home- join me and my couch for a TV threesome.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American Idol Results:
If you were underwhelmed by the boys and girls nights this week…tonight we get rid of 4 more contestants (never to be heard from again…unless we see them on next seasons DWTS). So last week, you gave me a pardon because it was my birthday…but tonight, I’m going out on a limb again to predict tonights…departees.

Girls: Lacey and Paige
Guys: Aaron and Todrick

It’s harder to make a prediction for the guys…because there werent any major standouts, therefore not alot of ‘definites’. I think Aaron chose the wrong song last night, and doesnt have the ‘cute’ factor to stick around much longer. And I think Todrick will suffer from a lackluster performance last week, and a (marginally improved) campy performance this week. I am pretty confident with my female selections (neither were impressive) , but I wouldnt bet my house or any member of the family on my male choices. We shall see… tune in for the results tonight at 8pm FOX/CTV

How can you NOT be watching this show? It’s a fantastic season with all the best pitted against each other. Tonight’s episode is cryptic (as usual), apparantly an unusual alliance is formed and a plan is hatched to get rid of one of the strongest players. ooooo….intriguing (but that could literally be the summary for every episode). With Cirie gone, Amanda will definitly be scrambling and the Colby/Tom team is finally safe…will they now be the power players? Russel is getting sick of Boston Rob’s dominance- maybe he and Parvati boot him? I think you know how I would feel about that! Tune in tonight, 8pm CBS/Global

Greys Anatomy:
So the Chief/Ex Chief is back performing routine surgeries (does this not make you think about all the surgeons out there who are recovering alcoholics…and if by chance you might land one for a ‘routine’ life altering surgery in their first week back? Just saying…). This week Owen and the ex Chief fight over surgeries (I’ll take the army doctor over the rehab-ing alchy…please!) Question…where the mother is Izzy? If she is going to make a comeback, they better do it soon… I’m starting not to care. Watch it tonight, 9pm ABC/CTV

Other options:
NBC comedy Thursday- The Office, Parks and Rec and 30 Rock, starts at 8:30 NBC
Marriage Ref- NBC 10pm (
I was skeptical, but this is actually a mildly entertaining hour-blower)
CSI-  CBS 9pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.



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