American Idol Recap

16 03 2010

Big Mike: Follows up his heartfelt performance that got him here with a soulful performance…albeit on the elevator R/B side. He is the big teddy bear, new father story that everyone loves to root for and ultimately wishes they could cuddle. I am not taht enamored with his voice…sorry. I think his story and persona will get him further than his music.

DiDi: Truthfully, she is my favourite female voice in this competition. But I have yet to hear her really KILL a song. She needs a breakout moment, and it hasnt come yet. Here’s hoping next week is singer/songwriter week, or vintage week so she can be in her element!

Andrew Garcia: What is going ON with this guy. He decided to go sans guitar tonight, but his voice NEEDS his rhythmic strumming to make it…work. I dunno…just not a good move on his part. He hasnt made a really good move since Hollywood, and I think people are kind of just waiting for his charm to come back…after like 4 weeks, I’m thinking it aint comin’ back.

Katie: I knew it. I just knew someone would pull out Wild Horses and make into a pop ballad with no substance or pain. And KAtie, the 16 year old, was the one. Surprise surprise. She wore a pretty dress, she batted her doe eyes for the camera, and she sang…ok. It just makes me miss Lilly Scott more and more…and more.

Casey: can play the guitar and look pretty. but not much else. Maybe that’s mean…he could be a brilliant carpenter, or bartender …but what I’m trying to say is that…singing is not his best talent.

Tim Urban: This was a weird week. Non of these songs sound like The Rollingstones. I think people are taking too many creative licenses, changing the songs too much…like this kid. He proved me wrong last week, but this week…he made Mick Jagger into Jack Johnson at 16. I just didnt dig it. It was vanilla.

Sioban: Never dull. But then, I never really have a solid opinion either way about her…I can’t figure it out. I think she’s brave, I think she’s a stand out…but there are times in her performances that I almost cringe, and wonder if she’s radio-ready. I’ll need a few more weeks with her… Anyways, she sang Paint it Black with al the brooding charm of the original, infact…she looked the most like Mick Jagger than anyone tonight.

Lee: Love…him! He sings Beast of Burden, sounding a bit like a Gavin Degraw meets The Boss…and could have a similar career. He is a pro already, his only problem is that he isnt a Glam God like last year’s Lambert or a standout performer like a Sioban or Crystal. I hope  his talent and quiet confidence pulls him through.

Paige: yikes. yikes yikes. Somewhere, alone in a motel room, Lilly Scott is pulling out her hair. It sounded like request night, on the lido deck. Wow, I have spent the last 3 weeks predicting her demise on this show…I’m truly hoping this week I can win a bet.

Aaron: The Glam Squad got to him. New doo, coiffed eyebrows and a leather jacket makes him more marketable as a teen-dream…but his awkward “I think I’m in your science class” personality cant be painted over. At any rate, thsi is a singing coimpetition, and the boys got a good voice. I dont think it’s the BEST voice, but it worked on a pretty song like Angie…but for me it lacked the Jagger-drawl and grit (as only decades as a rockstar can give you).

Crystal: Is sort of the face of the season right? She’s the fan favourite/judges favourite…so the most likely to be shockingly booted weeks before her time. While I hope that doesnt happen, she did peak really early, and that fate befalls one favourite every year. Tonight, she was good…but not the stand out. She said she had alot on her mind…join the club honey! She wont always be the best, lets just hope she can pick up on some of Siobans star-qualities.

My predictions for elimination Wednesay tomorrow…can we get rid of like 5 people this week? kind of weak…




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