TGI Tuesday

16 03 2010

I think we’re all a little upset with Monday night…so thank goodness it’s followed up by Tuesday night.

Here’s what I’m (so excited to be) watching tonight:

AMerican Idol:

The Top 12 perform (minus Lilly Scott, shocker from last week) songs by The Rollingstones. I hate it when they pidgeon hole contestants with these themes. Do something slightly more broad…Rock n Roll, Songs of the 60’s, songs by old men who can still dance…but specifying a particular group is difficult (goos thing they have a career spanning 4 decades to choose form). But you know what youre gonna get. A horrific pop version of “Satisfaction” here, a karaoke version of “Wild Horses” there and one or two stand out performances of songs people dont know. I look forward to Lee killing it, same with Crystal and most likely Sioben (Lilly wouldve been amazing, and Alex and Katelyn probably wouldve been in the top 5 performers as well…hindsight 20/20) Tune in tonight 8pm FOx/CTV

BIggest Loser:
I’m hearing that someone loses 200 pounds this week. Not all at once (although…that could be an entirely differnt show “Biggest Bypass”). But there are alot shocked looks and gasping trainers in the pervies for this week so…you know its gonna be (a bit of an overkill) dramatic! Kudos to this show for battling the American Idol giant for ratings…its cute really…but it IS a great show, so give your PVR something to do and get around to watching it. My suggestion is to eat your snacks while watching another show though… tune in tonight, NBC 8pm

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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