Mid Week TV

17 03 2010

Welcome wednesday! Oh, and happy St Pattys day, and the beginning of summer where I live…it’ll be snowing by end of week. No question.

Got a few things to do tonight, but I will be watching the results of American Idol with interest…

Here goes, the prediction. Before I do…I must say, it would be a shot in the dark really. There are 12, and we can only get rid of 1. You figure out the odds!

I think it will be a girl. (that narrows the odds to 6 to 1). I dont think it will be the ‘standouts’: Crystal or Sioban. I’m down to 1 in 4 now. I also think Didi did enough last night to make it another week. Okay, 1 in 3. Personally, I could do without all three of them: Lacey, Paige and Katie. But I will go out on a very narrow limb and say…my prediction for tonight’s boot is…Paige.

Nothing new, in fact  should learn by now…I’ve been predicting Paige for 3 weeks straight. One day, I will be right and look like a Guru of reality TV. I hope it’s tonight.

Tune in tonight at 9pm FOX/CTV




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17 03 2010
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