Thursday…the spoiled brat day.

18 03 2010

One thing I love about having a blog is that I can use it to say things I’m not allowed to say during my working hours. Example, during a meeting, it is frowned upon to ask the guest speaker if he’s team Russel or Team Boston Rob. I also write a more family-friendly column for a newspaper…and I just cant always say things like “Kate Gosselin is a fame-whore who uses her children as cash-cows to fund her tranformation from nobody to Americas Hottest Mom“. I dont get a great reaction from my editor.

Today, I want to rant a little bit…bear with me loyal readers.

Monday night. Abysmal. Forcing me to watch more Post-Bachelor filler. Also a ploy…to make us LONG FOR DWTS the start…ratings will be through the roof next week, I can promise that. Good job ABC…very sneaky.

Tuesday Night was a relief. Giving Idol massive ratings again for a pretty weak show, lets be honest.

Wednesday was ok. Most of us tuned in to watch 3 so-so guest performers on Idol and one dispensible singer leave the stage. Tyra’s Top Model always serves its purpose…drama, beauty and (the international poke to the funny bone) watching models trip down a runway.

Thursday. What can I say… This used to be my favourite night of the week. It pre-empted Friday, and packed a serious entertainment punch. No other night could compete. SLowly but surely, this day has become a cocky little snipe. Yes it has. For example, cancelling all plans to watch Greys Anatomy, only to find out its a rerun. Or, the worst offense, the annual Survivor recap show. How about this week…where neither of these shows are on to make way for College (useless and over-hyped) Basketball, and a new episode of  (a show no one is watching) Flashforward. Is Thursday mad -as a -Johnny Depp -hatter? Ratings for Survivor and Greys are strong this year… why force us to watch things your demographic would have NO interest in? Not only that, CBS is really gonna screw us over next week. After making us wait a week for Survivor…next week is going to be …the recap show (rip my eyes out with a wrench please.)

So what will I be watching tonight you ask? I will NOT be suckered into watching college basketball or Flashforward…you can…but here’s my suggestion:

Give comedy and Fun shows a chance tonight. Tune in to NBC and keep it locked all night for:
8:30- Parks and Rec (It’s an Andy Samberg cameo night! Definitly give it a shot.)
9- The Office (Still a great show. The merger brings new policies to Scranton…watch Michael try to deal.)
9:30-30 Rock (Tina Fey is my heroine. In both senses of that word…)
10- Marriage Ref (Normally, I wouldnt TELL you to watch this show…but given the other choices, this is the best bet. And tonight, the guest panel features Cedric the Entertainer, Martha Stewart, and Jason Alexander…I kid you not.)

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.



2 responses

18 03 2010
jackie stringer

Hey Chrissi… why not give BBC Canada atry??
9p.m. ‘Top Gear’ … don’t be fooled by its title, its all about cars but funny and very politically incorrect!
10p.m. Spooks. …….. 5 secret agents defend nationality
11p.m. Graham Norton Show……WONDERFULLY politically incorrect!!

Go on give them a try!!!

18 03 2010

good idea…got nothing to lose these days! thanks!

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