Sunday Night TV

21 03 2010

Not much a lowly TV Blogger can do if there aint a thing on! Such was the case last night…

But tonight is sunday night folks…and there will be more to watch tonight than primetime thursday this week (i’m still a little bitter…). So embrace the ‘cold snap’…stay in!

Here’s What I’m watching tonight:

Watch Cyndi Lauper and her ladies fight off Brett Michaels and his dudes (he totally has his eye on the models and ex-models on the gals side…he’s probably even go for Sharon if she wasnt married to a bat-eater). Tune in tonight, 9pm NBC

Amazing Race:
This show never gets old, and of course…in a show filled with stereotypes…I’m totally going for the Cowboys! (like they really exist…psssh) TUne in tonight CBS 8pm

Jamie Olivers Food Revolution:
Starting in the Fattest city in America…(theres a good moniker…I bet thats on their population sign.) Jamie Oliver will try to infuse some healthy lifestyle ideals into American homes. Sigh…a losing battle…but a nice gesture. Premieres tonight 10 pm ABC.

Some good choices eh?

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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