DWTS Recap

22 03 2010

There were more stars in the audience than on the dancefloor…thus the charm of Dancing with the Vaguely Familiar.

Recap of the Night:

  • Chad O- has a relatively affable personality, and he’s got Cheryl (the little tyrant!). Judges thought he was so-so…and dont be embarassed, I dont know who he is either.
  • Shannon Doherty-not to be confused with Pete Doherty, although I can tell you who I’d rather party with… when did Shannon become so dull? A nice little storyline about making her ailing daddy proud…but that’s been done. I want the Diva back.
  • Neicy Nash- a breath of fresh air on this show. everyone is tucked and airbrushed, but also wound so tightly by their PR reps…Neicy is entertaining! Okay, yah…obviously she’s bigger than the usual model-suspects ont his show…but she also has a big personality. If this girl continues to move well…she could become a fan-fav.
  • Erin Andrews- no mention of the hotel room scandal, whew. Couldve been awkward and she couldve used the pity card early on for votes…instead, she used her quirky sarcasm and ability to keep up with Max. Rumours are already flying about their relationship off-dancefloor…ineveitable, they are both tall and tanned….what do you expect!
  • Jake Pavelka- Anyone else kinda sick of his story splashed all over TV? Cmon ABC…you should be dumping him and plugging the new TV careers of scorned cast offs or even Ali (the new bachelorette). Thats not to say there werent plenty of bachelor (ette) cast members in the crowd…they were everywhere! At any rate…Jake was handsome but awkward, surprise to anyone?
  • Buzz Aldrin- this was more difficult to watch than watching Jake cry over Jillian last season. I felt like i shouldnt be watching it. The man is a legend….and they love throwing every space euphemism in the book at him…but the whole thing was just awkward. i have no more words really…
  • Evan Lyshechuk– anyone else get an elitist vibe from this guy? Is it because his personal costumer is Vera WAng? Is it the 2 pounds of gold around neck? Or is it the snide remark referencing Evgeni Plushenko he made in jest to his Russian partner? It’s going to take a while for me to awrm up to him…but i’m sure he’ll stick around.
  • Nicole SHerzinger– we find her in her natural habitat…the recording studio. wait! the recording studio is where she feels most at home?! I thought the whole point of the PCD was that….they werent selling ‘the vocal’, they were selling a ‘performance’. hmmmm. anyways, of course she cleans up nicely and no surprise, the favourite of the night for the judges. Sigh…
  • Kate Gosselin– I thought she would be better than she was…not that I’m complaining. Any one else hate her MORE with the new hair? at least it was ‘mom hair’ and not ‘mom trying too hard’ hair. Moving on, she was not channeling the sexy in her hair…she was as stiff as her personality. yikes.
  • Aiden Turner- has the sex appeal and the accent…but no natural ability for dance. but he did show up to practice with flowers…swoon. Worst of the night point-wise.
  • Pam Anderson– an enigma. At heart, a good ole fashioned canadian girl, with a sense of humour. But as soon as she’s ‘on’…she turns into the bombshell maven of dirty thoughts. I dont know how much appeal she will have with the family viewing audience (husbands pretending to avert the eyes, wives secretly judging…kids sent to bed.)

Overall, not a bad evening. Brooke was forgettable (but at least she wasnt Samantha), the ‘Stars’ now assemble in the Celebri-quarium instead of backstage, and the judges scores are revealed in a new graphic (ooooo!). Nothing ground breaking, but at leat it’s not another Bachelor behind the scenes special.




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