Sunday Night in Review

22 03 2010

Pretty good huh? I’m enjoying Sunday nights…not only does it stand on it’s own two feet pragramming-wise, it preceedes an ALL NEW exciting Monday!

Here’s what happened last night…before we can foray into all monday madness!

Amazing Race:
I’m loving the stereotypes still racing: Cowboys, Gay brothers, LEsbians, Father/daughter, Models, reality-“stars”, Police partners… my favourites are the Police partners and the Cowboys 🙂


  • It apparantly gets cold in the South of France. (come to Canada!)
  • Police partner one liners: “I’d still be getting the mail in my boxers in New England” and “If I can find crack in a guys butt, I can sure the marked grapes”…love it!
  • Model asks “Joan of Arc…didnt she carry animals on a boat?”…nope. that’s Noah. Nice try.
  • Another model asks “Maybe it’s said Arc de Joan…like Arc de Triumph“. Another solid guess.
  • I love how in France, they follow a guy in a Porsche…in India they follow guys on Donkeys.
  • In the end, one of the two model couples got the axe. Does it really matter which one?



  • Cyndi Lauper lugs a rug through the busy streets of NYC.
  • Brett Michaels does his best impression of a) a four year old in time out or b) a Diva. Either would be correct.
  • Sinbad started to sound like Paula Abdul… incapable of finishing a sentence.
  • I want a hug from Daryl Strawberry…he just reminds me of a neighbour, or an uncle…
  • Sharon O hacks all over the cupcakes…lovely. I’ll take two…
  • Rod B preens more than the victoria secret models…and Brett Michaels…combined.
  • Victoria Secret Model cant stand Cyndi Lauper’s stories…sorry…WHAT’s your name?
  • In the boardroom: Boys lose
  • Sinbad cant articulate and isnt as pretty as Brett and Rod…gets FIRED.



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