Thursday Night TV

25 03 2010

Wondering why you were watching Survivor last night? Basketball is back …and CBS officially drops everything (even a ratings super star like Survivor) to air every minute of it. I mentioned it was College Basketball right? ONly in America.

Fortunately, There are other options on this thursday night! So you can go ahead and cancel any plans youve made…

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

Greys Anatomy:
It’s going to be a goodie tonight. If there is one thing Greys does well…it’s ‘special’ episodes (the bomb episode was one of the greatest hours of TV i’ve witnessed…), and tonight, we get to see a flashback into the relationship between Teddie and Owen in the throngs of war. I think this will be pretty epic. Not only will we get a glimpse into their previous frienship and working relationship, saving soldiers in combat…but also, we will also start to understand the origin of Owens Post Tramatic Stress Disorder. Apparantly, this episode will shed some light on the incident that started it all…and the ‘trigger’ that will continue to set him off. Intriguing? I think so…! Also…i hesitate to mention, I’ve been hearing some rumours of a pregnancy…somewhere, with someone. Unsubstantiated! So don’t freak out, but I have some good sources. Tune in for some Greys drama tonight, 9pm ABC

NBC Comedy Tursday:
8:30 pm- Parks and Rec
(give it a try, it’s really quite a treat…I often find myself LOLing)
9pm- The Office (a new office relationship to follow, and whatever happened to the “contract” between Dwight and Angela? find out tonight.)
9:30- 30 Rock (Who doesnt love a little Tina Fey…fantastic on Letterman last night btw)
10pm- Marriage Ref (ok, so this is definitly a ‘filler’ show…but tonights panel is Kelly Rippa, jerry Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin)

Or you could watch…basketball (?!)

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV NIght.



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25 03 2010
Greys Anatomy Episode 6 18 Suicide Painless -

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