Apprentice Recap

29 03 2010

Dont get me wrong…I love this show. In fact, it’s one of my favourite vices…and I love that it’s outside the weekly mix, on sundays.

But is anyone thinking the boardroom ‘situation’ is taking waaaaaay toooo much time? This show is 2 hours, and we spent an hour of that looking at Trumps mug asking people “who should I fire“. Beating a dead horse. No one EVER says who should be fired until they are cohersed at agonizing length. No one ever has an opinion on why they lost. Theres always a winner and a loser…(Trump should know this by now…) sometimes there is no real rhyme or reason; especially when the winner is crwoned based on the preference of the judges. In this case, you gotta just fire the most inadequate person- because isnt the point (if this were real) you would not want this person ‘on staff’ (again, if this was jockeying for a real job and not just a jump-start to an extra 15 minutes of fame).

The whole “fire the PM” routine is getting a little old as well. Your weakest link is often not your leader, its the dimwits working for him/her. Just because you signed up to be the PM…doesnt mean every task should be brilliantly masterminded and executed by…YOU. Yes, responsibility for completion of the task is yours. But when the success of the task is judged by people based on opinion/preference… at this point, it has nothing to do with the leaders management.

Put it this way; if the task was completly botched, was not competed, or was far from the expectations of the outline….fire the PM. That’s his/her fault: management and completion of the task.

In saying (allll) that, last night was a particularly strange episode. Teams were faced with the task of designing an advertorial campaign for the (new and world changing!) Identity Theft product (really…is identity theft the most pressing issue in America right now?).

The girls were a mess. The (D-list unknown) PM was mismanaging her troops. Let Cyndi be creative! You need people with ideas to feel free to share their visions (no matter how LSD induced). NO one else has anything new and original to offer…so let the woman speak! They are now treating her like she’s the child theyve been forced to babysit for the day…giving her menial tasks to complete and giving her the ‘hush’ finger when she opens her mouth (one step down from giving her a popsicle and a pop up book.)

Guys were not much better. Especially since they ARE babysitting a kid for the day with Brett Michaels. This guy is super annoying- it would make a difference if he was useful in any capacity, but he is not. They carry more dead-weight in Rod -Blag. Not only does he offer NOTHING in terms of creative vision, he doesnt know how to turn on a computer (never mind go beyond that…and do research on said machine). How DID this guy  land a position of power in America? Somewhere George W Bush is giggling in a corner.

In the end, neither were particularly…usable, but the judges deemed the Mens attempt LESS usable.

in the (painfully long) boardroom…Trump went the ‘fire the PM’ route…until (out of left field! sorry…) Darrel Strawberry says HE wasnts to be fired. Really?! this took everyone by surprise…and there was no real explanation. Strawberry tried to save his reputation by giving the “its for the team” statement and vehemently denying that he was “quitting” (just leaving voluntarily.)

weird right? Thats why I love this show…




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