DWTS elimination

30 03 2010

Shocker alert!

We totally knew it was going to be the 80 year old versus the Woman with 8 children. Right? Wrong!

In the bottom two tonight…two ladies: Pam An and Shannen Doherty.

I kid you not!

My thoughts are as follows: I think Pam An is very famous…but not in this arena. Not every housewives favourite icon. Not every mom’s favourite role model for their 13 year olds. A not every elderly couples favourite awkward conversation. Shannen, doesnt really have an arena. She left her fans in the 90’s…and we didnt like her then.

So did the Blonde or the Brunette get the axe? Blondes always win this game…Shannen is the first eliminated ‘star’. See you in another 15 years Brenda.

So kate gets another paycheque, and we have to sit through another awkward 2 minutes of monday-night-at-the-seniors-home-dance-a-thon… Can they eliminate 2 next week? Please?




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31 03 2010
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7 04 2010
21 04 2010

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