DWTS recap

30 03 2010

So apparantly I missed the memo that it was going to be a “reveal the inner diva’ night on DWTS. The “stars” claws were OUT this week…and it was ugly.

Usually, ABC goes to great length to show their dance couples having fun (going to skating rinks, donating to charities, visiting their homes…etc) in candy-coated, mickey-mouse pre-dance vignettes. But last night, quite the opposite. WE get it, dancing is hard. But there are people who work 14 hours a day with a boss that berates them and dangles their income infront of their faces…infact, there are millions of people in that situation. SO dont insult us…the stress of taking dance lessons is not even close to justifying that behaviour.

Let me break it down:

Shannen and Mark– Doherty (inevitably) used the judges critiques to her advantage: whining about it being toooo hard. Mark stood his ground and pushed her to attempt the choreography anyways (somehow she turned THAT around to make it a unanimous partner decision…) The dance was….fine. Nothing earthshattering, and considering she was the first to dance…forgettabble after a long 2 hours of dance. 

Aiden and Edyta– Here’s where it started to get nasty. Aiden gets frustrated and lashes out on Edyta. Public admonishment is humiliating, and it made Edyta cry…and like a good little pro, she apologizes for HER weaknesses and they move on. Absolutly ridiculous…especially from an ‘unknown’ (cmon….he’s no kate gosselin.) to a consumate professional. At any rate, Edyta got her revenge by ‘accidentally’ elbowing him in the face during the dance. Overall, he was just OK… but I hope he rides off into his previous oblivion soon.

Evan and Anna- I have a theory. I think that Evan was holding out on us a little bit last week, to prove that dancing is ‘still hard for him’ even though he’s a figure skater (dancing…..on skates). Last night he showed his stuff with the Jive, and proved that he’s also a (professional) performer. Bes tof the night thus far…and at least he doesnt abuse his partner (although, I’m sure he’d rather be paired with Max…just saying).

Niecy and Louis– Um, I love this woman. it’s official. And not in an “oh isnt that curvy lady funny trying to dance with the pretty girls” kind of way. She is a talented dancer who is aware of her body movements, she has an engaging personality that permeates onto the dance floor, and she has more likeability than any gal on the show (lets face it, Pam An isnt a female favourite, nor is the Pussy Cat Doll, and Kate is…not exactly cuddly). Her dance was great…let me reiterate…her DANCE was great, and she will continue to get better.

Jake and Chelsie– I’ll give our guy Jake a few small props for being totally inexperienced and going for it (for fame and money….but nonetheless). He also had a brief diva moment “telling not asking” to change the dance (vienna is rubbing off on him?) But this dance was more suited to his awkward and cheesy personality. He jived in his flood pants, slicked hair and white socks- and he was much better than last week.

Buzz and Ashley– oy vey. I dont have too much to say about this. It’s a real shame. Not that life has to stop at 80….but maybe competitive dancing does? Just like NASA wouldnt send him to the moon again, maybe something more age appropriate and less public is the better alternative. On a lighter note, I was expecting him to dance to “fly me to the moon” last week…but the cornballs at ABC held off, and pulled out the irony this week instead. sigh.

Nicole and Derek– Goes to great lengths to remind us she’s a ‘singer’ not a dancer. right. Anyways, at least this couple gets along. I’m sure rumours will fly…considering they are 2 attractive people recently out of long term relationships. She’s a great dancer, she wears less clothes than Pam An and Derek is a fan favourite…she’ll be in the finals no question. And her jive was good…but 10’s from the judges in week 2 is premature.

Erin and Maks- Have already started a rumour mill firestorm with their relationship, and it’s kind of cute. They are two opposites…but she has had a calming effect on Maks. She yells at him throughout rehearsal, but in a friendlier respectful way (although the judges call her out for her behaviour). Her dancing is improving, if she continues to work on her coordination and grace…she could be around for awhile. I’m liking them.

Pam- An and Damien– gets into Marilyn Monroe Character (or Anna Nicole Smith…) for her Foxtrot. The judges love using sexual innuendo on her….which would be cringe worthy if she wasnt such a good sport about it. Here’s a gal that knows her persona and embraces it with every breath and bat of an eyelash. Love it or hate it….at least she plays along. Her dance was good this week, and perhaps more family-friendly for the voting public.

Chad and Cheryl- Ok, we were so wrapped up in Maks and erin that we missed THIS one! Flirting, stealing a kiss during the performance, Cheryl not denying any chemistry… Cmon TMZ, do your homework! Chad is a perfect speciman, but he needs work on becoming an intuitive dancer. he still has trouble knowing what to do with his limbs- so he comes across as rigid and awkward. He took the criticism and terrible scores to heart and could hardly speak afterwards. Sad, but no worries Chad…BUzz and Kate should leave before you.

Kate and Tony- Not alot of people get a warm fuzzy feeling from Kate G, and this show was supposed to change that for her. But her lack of talent and diva behaviour is ruining her chances. So much so, that Tony up and quit on her this week. But he came to his senses (ABC waved his contract in his face) and finished the week (knowing he wouldnt have to endure it much longer…) the dance was more painful than watching BUzz….the 80 year old. This woman has no performance ability, forgot her choreography and substituted “bouncing” for footwork. part of me always feels bad for people when they embarass themselves on live TV… and I’m sure she’s got some redeeming qualities, but give the woman her paycheque and make her go away.

Tonight is the first elimination night, my prediction is either Buzz or Kate. I will go with Buzz (not that he was the worst this week…) but he doesnt have 8 children voting for him as a homework assignment.




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31 03 2010
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