Wednesday Night TV

7 04 2010

Tuesday is still KING…but wednesday is slowly making it’s way up the ladder. I find myself looking forward to “humpday” (dont mind my french…) , especially now that baseball season has started, the playoffs are just around the corner… and the RIGHT people are starting to get voted off our favourite competition shows!

here’s what I’m watching tonight:

American Idol Results:
My favourite performers last night were Crystal and Casey– and I’m wondering if I might slowly be starting to enjoy Casey, it really depends on if he reverts back to his ponytail and pub-singer persona. In previous weeks, He’s been like…1 or 2 steps up from Bucky Covington, but last night…He KILLED Jealous Guy (one of my personal favs…so it’s hard to do.)

My least favourites were Aaron and Tim – and I predict they will both be in the bottom 3. Dont be surprised if there is a slight eye-brow raiser in the bottom as well…like maybe a Sioban or an Andrew. I’m just sayin’.

Tune in for the results tonight, 9pm FOX.

Americas next Top Model:
You know the deal… aspiring models, living together, taking pretty pictures and starting fights they cant finish without an emotional breakdown, then Tyra shatters one girl’s self esteem and sends her home at the end of the night. Cmon! Tv at it’s best…sigh. Tune in tonight 8pm, CW

Jays take on Texas SNETO 8pm
(are still playing?) take on NYR , 8pm TSN

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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8 04 2010

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