Sunday Night Recaps

11 04 2010

So the Tiger saga is finally over…right? He lost…FYI, sorry for the spoiler. So can someone please give all his endorsements to the guy who actually WON…?! Unfortunately THAT guy is faithful to his wife, and campaigns for charities to support his wife and mother in law. he’s not worth endorsing…I hate the world.

can we move on?

Here’s what was worth watching sunday night!

Celebrity Apprentice:
So the two most famous celebs happen to be away…which leaves room for other egos to blossom. Cyndi was meeting the Pres and Sharon was sick. Thank goodness Rod Blag was gone…he’s wouldve been the most famous person on the show!

Brief Recap:

  • Task: create a commerical and internet spot for Right guard.
  • Holly whatsherface is PM for the girls and Chef Curtis was in charge for the boys.
  • As usual, the boys turn to Brett for all the ideas (is it his childlike sensibility?)
  • Holly and her gaggle of girls were thrilled with themselves for coming up with a cheesy concept.
  • Its just not the same without that Brooklyn Basketcase piping up with creative ideas….sigh, these women think they are interesting, but they are sooooo vanilla!
  • Guys are scatterbrained again, the problem is that they leave all creative to an emotionally unstable ADHD adult  former “rockstar”… soes it really need to be spelled out for them?
  • FINALLY Cyndi returns, and Holly WHosit is upset that she wants to record a jingle..really, like thats not totally up her alley after 20 years in the industry?
  • Oh, and Brett gets a phone call, (coincidentally) his daughter “might” have diebetis…and her docs appt “might” be today, and we “might” hear the news any time.
  • Michael meets with Trump to announce he is leaving because of “family issues”…vague….which means he’ll talke about it for a large sum of money at a later date. Cue an appearance on Ellen.
  • In the boardroom: The ads came out surprisingly mediocre (I was expecting much worse…)
  • If looks could kill, there wouldve been a masacre in that room. Holly obviously has a celebrity complex. When Trump asked Cyndi to sing the jingle…burn!
  • The Winner: The Guys. It’s going to be a dooooozy of a boardroom with those girls and their self esteem issues! darn you commerical breaks!
  • 2 strong personalities, 1 weak one… Soleda (?) goes home.

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2 responses

12 04 2010
Lynn Sharer

Your comments are right on and it all could have been done in one hour vs two!

12 04 2010

Oh definitly— they have elongated the boardroom into an episode all its own. and I’m sick of people just “leaving”… I guess celebrities have more important lives than the rest of us…

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