My favourite Weekend Moment

12 04 2010

I just wanted to share with you the funniest moment of the weekend. Tina Fey’s rant on “Bombshell McGee” on SNL- Classic Tina Fey pop culture skewering!

In her Womens news segment of WEekend Update:

“I know you shouldn’t judge people based on their appearance, but when your body looks like a dirt bang’s binder from 7th grade metal shop, it doesn’t bode well for your character!

For every Sandra Bullock there’s a woman who got a tatoo on her forehead because she ran out of room on her labia. For every Elin Nordegren there’s a Hooters waitress who spells Jamee with two Es and a star.”

It’s what we’re all thinking…

and for the  “alleged mistress”  number 3 walking around Hollywood wearing a “Team Sandra” shirt…if I was still 15 years old, I would give you some serious cut-eye, talk about you in period 3 math class and probably run my glue stick up and down your locker. There. I said it.

In totally unrelated news, It’s Dancing with the Stars Monday (and as far as I know, no former Tiger or JJ mistresses have been approached for next season…but then, they’s probably be more famous than half the current cast) So get ready to Tango and Rumba with the vaguely familiar tonight!




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