DWTS Recap

13 04 2010

2 full hours, Double Scores and No Buzz (off) Aldrin made for a very entertaining night of Dancing with the “Stars”!

This is the time, where contestants start to get better, start to take it up a few notches, and you start to see improvements and the true contenders rising to the top. Here’s what went down last night:

Erin has had a pretty rough week…death threats keep surfacing from crazy people with flamethrowers in their backyards. Um…yikes. At any rate… She also got some sort of Rib injury, but will fight through it like a “real athlete”. right. Her dancing is fine, her face is a little bit deer in the headlights still. Her scores were mediocre, because I think she was kind of forgettable.

Evan Lysecek:
Did he not skate a tango at the Olympics and win a gold medal? please…this guy has spent the last 3 weeks telling us how difficult it is for him to “get dancing”. Now there are marks for performance and technique…sound familiar? Kind of like…figure skating scoring? this competition was MADE for this guy, so no wonder he is starting to rise above all others. His scores refelcted that…top of the leaderboard again.

Niecy and Louis:
Why does Louis continually make dancing about something “deeper”. more “spiritual” and “emotional”? This is totally screwing with Niecy’s MO…the fun one with the moves! This lady used to be so interesting, and fun to watch. Now she’s got a perma-sad face to match the emotional integrity of the dance. Stop! Dance for FUN again! Her scores were down again, I think she could be doing better…but she cant lose her favour with audiences, and she just might be doing that being so serious!

Aiden and Edyta:
Grumble. I still think inside that aussie body is a major diva. He has gotten by on his looks all his life, and now taking off his shirt aint helping one bit— panic! He was less than mediocre tonight. He is still unsure what to do with his hands to make them graceful, and he continues to pull the “if you want my body, and you think I’m sexy” looks. He has awkward moments, and his scores were middle of the pack again.

Gets to dance with her “hips”…theres a stretch. Although, technically, dont you need HIPS to dance with them? She pulled it off nicely, and landed the best scores fo the night, no surprise. I will give it to her…I loved the phrase “mother fudgecakes”, I will find a way to use that in conversation today.

Jake and Chelsea:
ANyone else so OVER Jake? He’s taken monday nights from me for far too long…we get it, he’s pretty. He lacks rhythm, and the ability to look “cool” while dancing. you know what I mean. He’s still awkward and it’s getting ahrd to watch. I wouldnt be surprised if he went tonight actually, his scores were….low.

Kate and Tony:
Sigh, yes she’s still here. When does her book tour start so we can be rid of her? After her tainwreck last week, things could not get much worse, but it did stay relatively on the same level of awkwardness. She got semi-good reactions from the judges (which made me worried that they would just give her good scores because…she’s that woman on tv) but her scores were bottom dwelling again.

Chad and Cheryl:
Still playing with us about their “relationship”…hint: if it hasnt caught fire yet, we dont care. But something clicked for him this week, because those hips were not lying! He had far more hip action than the pussy cat doll…which resulted in Len handing him a dollar for his “work”! Nice job, landing him in the tops of the leaderboard.

To close the show! They are really doing their best (since the bottom two debacle) to cover her up and make her a housewife favourite. She worked on being “sophisticated” rather than “sexy”, and it worked like a charm. High marks for the Bombshell (not Mcgee…the original).




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