Idol Elimination show

14 04 2010

How to spice up and fill an hour of the most watched TV on a wednesday night…

  1. Start with a group number.
    It’s pre-taped, so press play and watch them try to pretend like it’s “the real thing”.
  2. Book Top notch guests, cuz we can book anyone we want.
    I know! let’s get that underwear model who used to date Miley Cyrus (take her to church every sunday) and stick him with an Idol Alum voted off early last season. Yep…that’ll be HUGE!
  3. Plug another show.
    The show, with famous people that proves how much money we “give back”…cue Idol gives back piece with Elliot Yamin and Kara in Africa.
  4. Show how famous the Winner of this show can get
    by actually proving that second is sometimes the better “win”. Enter Adam Lambert.
  5. Kick two people to the curb.
    Andrew Garcia was ousted 10 minutes into the show.
    Katie was the second to go, with 2 minutes left in the show.



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