Survivor Recap

16 04 2010

I (like many Survivor fans) would like to think that I could totally win this game…because I see everything, I know everything, and I wouldnt do stupid things because I’ve watched it ALL go down!

But I guess, after last night’s episode, I have to believe that things are drastically different when you are actually THERE. Otherwise, Russel would have been the first to go, followed swiftly by Parvati- and the “team immunity idol” would still by in possession of the Heroes.

The teams are two polar opposites at this point. The Villains are like “the street” gang. The Pimp and his girls. The Sugar Daddy Russel leading his gaggle of powerless girls. It’s a little bit masochistic…and the girls see nothing wrong with it! In fact Jerry even emphatically announced how much she “LOVES it”. really?! sigh.
The Heroes are like an episode of Highschool Musical. “We must save Russel!” “let’s write a note” “This will change the game!” “Psst… Russell!” “Here’s the idol, dont show the girls!” “It’s a secret!” “We love you!” “XOXO!”

So they GIVE the Idol to Russel (so now he has 2)- even HE was bemused. “I dont even have to LOOK for idols anymore. People are just GIVING them to me now!” I know…unreal.

The one interesting note, is that now Parvati has an idol after finding it and …not giving it to Russel!  (her first smart move) That should come in handy later…that girl is going to be around longer than expected, sigh.

Not a huge surprise that Courtney went home, but good news for Sandra…merge is a comin’! (most likely after a recap show….sigh) Next episode brings the merge, and it will ALLLLL go down! First, the Heroes told Russell to get rid of Parvati in exchange for the “chance to live another day and change the game”. But she’s still here. That should make them scratch their heads. Also, looks like Sandra will approach Rupert, telling him that Russell isnt so needy afterall!




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