DWTS Monday…

19 04 2010

What’s with the “Theme Nights” ? I’ve probably griped about this before, but personally, DWTS has enough intrigue, cornball and glitter…no need to throw in “twists” or more “storyline”. Not needed…especially with Kate G and Pam An on the show… themes are just unneccessary extras.

But they don’t consult with me, so tonight the final 8 dance to “Movie Themed” choreography.

Here’s the question…will they try to match the “stars” with really groan-worthy movie themes?

Like Kate Gosselin dancing to the theme from “Cheaper by the Dozen” , Chad in “Remember the Titans“, Nicole in “Josie and the PussycatsErin in “Rear Window” (sorry…) Pam An in “Legally Blonde“, Jake in “So I married an Axe Murderer” (Vienna is scary, c’mon), Evan in “Ice Princess” …? Just guesses here, but I would not be shocked if they did something THAT schmultzy and painfully ironic to us…

What do YOU think they will do with the Movie Theme?

Tune in tonight, ABC 8pm for the big show!




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