DWTS Recap

19 04 2010

It was Movie Night…which explains why Brooke was dressed as…a piano (?!) Boy is she ever looking like a pregnant heffer these days… (riiiiight.)

Neicy Nash:  starts it off, with La Bamba– finally a fun, sassy dance after 2 dull weeks of “emotional” dances. For the first time, she looked uncomfortable with her “wobbly bits” on the dance floor. I think her winning personality and shout out to the “thick girls” will keep her on the show for awhile…but soon she’s going to have to back it up with some serious dance fundamentals.

Chad: is trying tooooo hard to be the ladies man. I dont know what he and Cheryl are doing off the dance floor…but he sure wants us to go there. Hint- Cheryl probably wants a guy who can DANCE…try starting there. He danced to the Jungle Book, and he was pretty disorganized and spastic in his movements. I wouldnt be surprised to see him int he bottom tomorrow.

Erin: If we THINK Chad and Cheryl are a “thing”…you have to KNOW Erin and Maks are an item…totally obvious. But their chemistry translates to good dancing, and they have a good time! They dance to the infamous Pulp Fiction routine…and lets face it, Maks is waaay hotter than Travolta, and Erin has better legs than Uma- an all around good number for them.

Kate Gosselin: induces sighs and eye rolls from my side of the family room every week. This woman isnt even trying anymore. She’s the only one with a built-in dance floor to practice on in her basement (courtesy of ABC) yet she is the only one who cant mustre up the energy to practice, or the chutzpah to work on improving. Embarassing. I’m so done with her.

Jake: This guy has nothing left. He’s not really famous anymore, so he leans on his last claim to fame…his sculpted torso. Yep, he takes the cheap route and goes shirtless in practice (on video) and pantless in performance. hate to say it, but Tom Cruise looked better in his skivvies and socks…and I think he danced better. sorry. He could be another contender for elimination this week.

Pam An: Looked AMAZING…but my question is, when are they going to run out of Blonde bombshell roles for her to play? Tonight she was Dolly Parton dancing to 9 to 5…and she was able to channel her perfectly (but how hard is it?). Pam An is a performer, and she definitly loves to role play (ahem…sorry), if she could just get more female votes, she’d be a top contender.

Nicole: takes on Pretty Woman…theres a stretch. Derek always lucks out and gets a beautiful woman, with serious potential and usually a background in performance. Their dances are always fantastically choreographed to show their personality and highlight their strengths (like Nicoles legs…) No chance they will go home anytime soon.

Evan: we get it. dancing is totally different than skating. But could you tell us agian please…just so it’s perfectly clear? Evan performed a skating routine on hardwood…that’s what it looked like. It was graceful, technically sound and pefectly executed…almost like he’s used to learning choreography and putting on a show infront of an audience. hmmm.

Tune in tomorrow for the results!




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