American Idol Results

21 04 2010

If you DVR’d American Idol tonight…let me save you 2 hours and about 23 minutes (yes…you missed 23 minutes of your next show on DVR, dont shoot the messenger!)

You can rewind and see performances by the likely suspects… Carrie Underwood, Mary J (first one to RSVP to any event) Blige, Black Eyed Peas, David Cooke, Annie Lennox and (the highlight in my opinion) Elton John.

Also, extremely unnecessary ‘bits’ by George Lopez, Wanda Sykes and Russel Brand…random, unfunny and not suitable for the tone of the night.

You’ll also see alot of rich people asking for your money, like all the judges, Bill (I could buy Africa) Gates, and a handful of Hollywood folks.

But the reason to skip through all this fluff, was to find out the results. and here, my friends, is the answer (then you can decide whether or not you want to sit through the other 2 hours 20 minutes…) you’re welcome:

Bottom three (as predicted) Casey, Aaron, and Tim.

Tim (finally!) goes home.

I have been predicting this moment for many many weeks…in hopes that it would finally happen for me! But my question is this…who is voting for the other kid, Aaron? Do people like him in a “I think that guy is in my math class” kind of way? Now that Tim is gone, can we get rid of the other pre-pubescent?!




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22 04 2010
Idol Results

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