Wednesday Line up

21 04 2010

Another busy week in TV…culminating tonight into one jam-packed evening ! Which means, my advice? Stay in, order in, cancel plans…whatever you need to do. Oh, and for at least ONE night…you will not be forced to watch Kate Gosselin cry. A bonus.

Here’s What I’m watching tonight:

American Idol:
“Gives Back” and “Gives the Boot” tonight. It’s the Performance show of the season, with (the usual) All Star line up (think BEP, Carrie Underwood, ALicia Keys, Mary J Blige) and the REAL draw of the evening…Elton JOhn (and if Adam LAmbert makes an appearance…EPIC Glam-Team!).

But Business is business…and someone will also leave the competition tonight.

Prediction time… I think there could be an upset in the bottom three, and I think it could be Siobhan (unless her fans are louder and prouder than I know…) she has been sliding lately, so I wouldnt be surprised. I also think the likely pair of Tim and Casey could round out the trio. My BOLD prediction (hope, wish and preayer) is that Tim’s time is up. Tune in tonight 8pm FOX. (and it’s 2 hours folks…FYI)

Americas Next Top Model:
You know you love the drama. I dont even have to tell you that this show stands in nicely for my weekly dose of cat fights, finger snaps and stupidity that was taken from me post- Bachelor. Tonight Whitney (take me seriously) Port drops in, and the girls are taught about having “personality” …something MOST people dont need to be taught, but these girls could use the schooling. Tune in tonight, 8pm CW

There’s also LOTS of NHL playoff action tonight, tune in to CBC and TSN for plenty of games!

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV Night.




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