Thursday Night TV

22 04 2010

I’ve had a pretty great week (thanks for asking…). I will not be forced to watch Kate G walk through her choreography next monday, neither will I have to rue Americas’s obsession with hair and dimples next Tuesday, because Tim went home last night.

Alas, the week is not yet through, there’s still lots of drama to be had tonight!

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

*Fingers crossed* Survivor fans…as far as I’ve heard/seen, we have staved off a “recap show” for yet another week! In tonight’s (all new!!) episode, the merge brings both teams together…and new alliances form! Remember, Russel‘s got like, 40 immunity idols…so does Parvati, and the Heroes think Russel is helpless. But dont fret, Big mouth Sandra should dispel that theory. See what goes down tonight, 8pm CBS.

A NEW episode (take note Greys Anatomy…this is what normal programming looks like. new episodes. every week. all season. I digress…) Catherine investigates a murder at her daughters school (yikes!) and will the Jykel/Hyde killer strike again? Tune in tonight, 9pm CBS.

Marraige Ref:
Take this show in while you can, I doubt it’ll be renewed…until then, which 3 of Seinfeld’s friends will make an appearance tonight? That would be Donald Trump, Gloria Estefan and Adam Corolla. TOnight, 10pm NBC

For the sports fans: Lots of Playoff action again tonight, Philly can knock out NJ, and Pittsburg can knock out Ottawa. Tune in to your local CBC / TSN.

Whatever your decide to watch, have a  great TV Night.




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