Survivor recap

23 04 2010

I am the first to admit that I have been pretty critical of the girls on Survivor. Ive called them leaches, weeklings, sheep, smiling puppy dogs with breasts….
TOnight, the game changed, a GIRL finally made a move that impacts the flow of game play. And it came from an unlikely suspect… Parvati. Sigh

I “sigh” because isnt that just ALWAYS the reality ladies? She represents the girls that every OTHER girl loves to hate. The cute body, unkempt hair that still looked great every day, bikini-clad, exudes the wiles of womanhood to perfection…and has total confidence and self awareness.

Her move was smart, plodding and showed some serious GAME. It wasnt perfect all the way through, but it ended with a bang. Going back to last week…she found an idol (a plus) and didnt tell Russell (another huge plus!). She’s not the only one with 2 idols, Russel also has his own, and the ‘given’ idol from the Heroes.

So last night was the merge. An right away, Russel went to work, reminding the Heroes that HE was on the outs and NEEDED them as allies. JT ate it from his hands like a farm animal. But Sandra didnt stay silent, planting the truth in Ruperts head…enough to make him think twice. He urged the heroes to test Russels alliance.

So the question lingered… did any OTHER Villains have idols? There were signs: Russells fake story about the idol duel off in the last council (proved to be a lie), Parvati told AManda she had one (coudl she be trusted?) and at challenge, Parvati let Danielle win a task she had handely to win (hmmm…).

In the end…it went down…like this. Right before tribal council, Russel believed Parvati was going home and by giving HIS idol to her, the votes would go whatever votes HE casted. But the plan was much more convoluted.

At council. Parvati stood up and gave away her idols to Jerry (wtf?) and Sandra (?!) . How did she KNOW?! The Heroes had split their votes to make sure Russels plan didnt happen…between Jerry and Sandra! So in the end…???? JT goes home by default vote!…liev…able.




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