DWTS Monday recap

26 04 2010

So it’s the half-way point of the DWTS season…and I dont really have a favourite yet.

It had been a strange season, would you agree? I mean, it was touted as the “most celeb-heavy, and most interesting cast ever“…but I actually think there is a serious lack of real personality. Really, Kate G…no one really LIKES that woman. Pam An…no one wants to vote for her. Evan L, has a personality deficiency. So does Nicole…and she was a dancer to begin with.

That brings us to tonight

Jake P– uses his body more than Maks and Nicole combined. It’s his only asset at this point. He tried once again to be sexy, but it doesnt look good on him. He’s still counting his steps in his head, and everything still looks contrived and unnatural. another mediocre performance.

Evan– is so tall and lanky that it’s starting to NOT work for him. He’s lyrical as Bruno says, which means his lines are great…but in a samba, it doesnt work. His forte is the Tango or the Waltz…but tonight, his bum wiggling and arms-for-days only got him 7’s.

Erin– has a great partner. and she knows it (intimately? I still dont know…) and her problem is that Maks totally out dances her every week. even when she wears a see through purple boa-dress…she’s still not the one I look at, and it helps when Maks starts to integrate striptease into the number. It worked in her favour tonight though…getting 9’s from Carrie Ann and Bruno.

Neicy– is finally going back to her comedic routes and scrapping the serious emotional themes. Tonight, she did a funny-tango…but her strength is the fact that she knows her body, and it works for her. She CAN dance, and she did really well tonight. Oh, and she’s the only crowd pleaser…the only one with an ounce of chutzpa.

Chad- Is fading. He may be in trouble this week. He has a great body, but so does JAke, and Evan. He has chemistry with his partner, but who doesnt? He does just well-enough to get middle of the pack scores, and that’s not enough at this point to make you stand out or get you into the finals.

Nicole– is wearing less than I wear when I get out of the shower. She is wearing less than any other female contestant since Karina graced the stage. That will not win you votes from the 40 year old moms snacking on cheetos across the country. Careful honey…you may be a great dancer, but that’ll only get you so far. Good thing she IS a great dancer…she samba’s better than anyone else tonight, but Len said it- sexy movement doesnt automatically mean it’s technical.

Pam An– almost unrecognizableas a brunette…dont worry folks, it was a wig…no chance she would ever get rid of her money maker (which ones?) Anyways, I feel a little bit for Pam. She is a good dancer, leagues above many in terms of her technique, and courage to go for the big moves. Her problem is… the demographic. Her fanbase is not watching this show….her fanbase watches her in secret, in private…I wont elaborate. Tonight, she was great;  good feet, good lines…and she tackled more tricks than any other female. Still mediocre scores surprisingly.



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