American Idol Tuesday

27 04 2010

Is anyone nicer and more down to earth than (ahem…canadian) Shania Twain? And could Ellen use her name in a pun or play on words more often? And (last one….) could you jam any more content into an hour?

The answer to ALL of the above…is No. FYI.

So here’s what happened tonight in TV NIght recap stylings:

Lee: I was going to try and use ‘journalistic integrity” and try to hide my honest opinions. But this is my blog….so…hand this guy a recording contract and drop the friggin confetti already! I love him, everything about him. He sang a classic Shania Tune “Still the ONe“. He changed it just enough, and his voice kicked into high gear at just the right times. Sensational performance.

Big Mike: Added his syruppy Luther Vandross soul to “It only hurts when I’m Breathing“. He does that kind of thing well, and there’s one every year. He’s definitly a good singer, but I wish he’d change it up a bit more week to week.

Casey: Seems to do better with his hair washed, pretty and flowing…have you noticed? When his hair is slicked, or in a pony tail…he’s in his seedy bar-singer voice. Tonight, he was back to Pretty Casey, and he sang very well. Second only to his Jealous Guy performance, keep washing and moussing that hair, it serves you well my friend!

Crystal: Looked very uncomfortable. With a good ole country jug band backing her up, and Shania telling her to (gasp!) smile…she was out of her element. I mean, everyone should have a bad week…it’s only fair. And tonight wasnt my favourite, nor was it the judges (gives me credibility right?)

Aaron: What can I say…of COURSE he picked You Got a Way, and it was dripping with youthful ignorance. I mean, this is a SEXY song…he made it about his mom. yikes. Judges gave him mediocre praise though…I guess his voice was fine…but I do not want this kid to walk away with Lee/Crystal’s trophy!

Siobhan: Was able to slip a scream into a Shania song. And killed it. She’s was back on track with tonight’s performance, but I kinda think she’s fading in this competition…I could be wrong.




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