29 04 2010

That’s right!

It’s thursday night, and from the looks of it…all of our shows are new tonight! What a concept…!

here’s what I’m watching tonight:

I’m still holding my breath… know they are going to throw a recap show at us somewhere down the line…when we least expect it. I’m hopeful that tonight they are airing a new episode. And after LAST week…this should be a doozy of a fall out! Russel and parvati¬†executed a serious game changer to perfection last thursday… does that mean the heroes are on the ropes now? In the episode summary (useless as it often is…) it says taht a Villains make a mistake that could be costly…hmmm. Tune in tonight, CBS 8pm.

Greys anatomy:
well, it’s about friggin time! Welcome back to TV … it’s been awhile! This show is notorious for taking long random breaks mid-season (slackers!). I’m hearing serious buzz about this year’s finale…should be an epic 2 hours. Until then, McSteamy is having a grandchild…and it sounds like there are going to be some medical complications forcing him to play the family and doctor roles to come up with the best plan. I’m a glutton for punishment what can I say…I’m still watching…tonight, 9pm ABC.

Over on NBC:
Theres an ALL NEW comedy line up starting with parks and Rec, The Office and then 30 ROck. Finishing with Marriage Ref, welcoming Sarah Silverman, Matthew Broderick and Martin Short to the panel.

And the second round of a very exciting NHL playoffs starts tonight, Detroit vs San Jose…

Whatever you decide to watch, have a great TV NIght.



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