Survivor recap

29 04 2010

Well, you have to give it to them…they DO try.

They have had many chances to oust Russell in this game…the opportunities have been there, but the follow through is lacking. severly.

Tonight was textbook. Russell retook the power Parvati (thought she) had by:
a) getting Candice to swing
b) finding the idol before the girls
c) not telling them about it 
d) making Sandra uneasy with her new alliance and
e) playing the idol at Tribal.

The Heroes could have attainted power in this game, but they made too many mistakes…
1. Letting Candice out of their sights
2. Amanda looking like a crazy person, literally fighting for the clue to the idol with danielle (like a 5 year old fighting for a piece of lego) while Colby just watched Tv (typical man…sorry.)
3. Waiting too long to “sign” Sandra! She was ready last week, this week she was on the fence and went with the sure bet.
4. Assuming Russell didnt have the idol.
5. Assuming Danielle DID.

The combination of (a) through (e) and (1) through (5) kept Russel in control of this game…and the ultimate demise of Amanda and signalling the systematic end of the heroes tribe.

Give her props though…Amanda has never been voted out of this game in 3 seasons (gone to the finals every time!)…that’s a credit to her (doe-eyed, non confrontational methods) game- no one else can say that!




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30 04 2010

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