DWTS Recap

3 05 2010

This is becoming kind of an interesting season! There is no ‘runaway’ leader at this point and all the characters are still very much in it…

Neicy dances just well enough to get scores high enough to be a contender. She has the most pizaz of the bunch…and getting a laugh can take you far in this world!

Pam An is surprisingly graceful, gets very good scores, but lacks a sustainable audience. She covers up more and more every week.

Chad O gets better every week…although his rise may not be fast enough or good enough at this point. Tonight he was a vision in white…

Erin is a beautful dancer and actually has a personality to boot…her partner aint bad either.

Then the two favourites (and former dancers…sorry, had to say it) Nicole and Evan. Neither of them is walking away with this. Evan is a ken doll with the personality of a fruit fly…but legs for days. Nicole has the body of a pro dancer (or pole dancer) but is just vanilla enough to have more of a mass appeal than Pam.

After tonight…the playing ground is pretty level. Each dancer got scores on or above “8’s” all around. The Team battles just confused things…because no one was a “stand out”, and scores were generally high… solid 8’s and 9’s.

It will be a difficult bottom two this week- hard to predict as the seperation is sliver thin between many of the dancers. It’s safe to say Nicole and Evan are safe…but who knows?

I will make a prediction tomorrow, I’ll need some time to sleep on it…or lose sleep over it…




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