Monday Tidbits

3 05 2010

Brief weekend recap:

Montreal beat Pittsburgh (series 1-1)
San Jose beat Detroit (series 2-0)
Vancouver beat Chicago (1-0)

SNL was a rerun! I tuned in for Betty White…only to be reminded, she’s on next week!

Amazing Race: The cops narrowly missed elimination last week…only to be (for real) eliminated THIS week.

Celebrity Apprentice: Cyndi is still a rockstar working with vanilla divas… one of them was fired (the swimmer?)

It’s kind of old news, but Nigel Lithgow has released a new format for everyone’s favourite dance show (in the summer). Top dancers will be paired with former top dancers instead of eachother. Here is the list of former pro’s that will be featured:

Ade Obayomi, Season 6

Allison Holker, Season 2

Anya Garnis, Season 3

Comfort Fedoke, Season 4

Courtney Galiano, Season 4

Dominic Sandoval, Season 3

Kathryn McCormick, Season 6

Lauren Gottlieb, Season 3

Mark Kanemura, Season 4

Neil Haskell, Season 3

Pasha Kovalev, Season 3

Twitch Boss, Season 4

Oh, It’s DWTS Monday— check back for a pre-cap this afternoon!

NOTE: New site you should take a look at…especially if you’re single, and looking for other singles (not creeps or trollers!)




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