American Idol Tuesday

4 05 2010

Is there a cooler cat than Harry Connick Jr? I mean really…really.

The man plays a mean piano, leads the on-stage orchestra, sings like a member of the ‘pack’, has a wicked sense of humour, a southern drawl…and let’s not forget the dimples! (how can you forget!?)

So, I kinda found myself watching him and not the ‘stars in the making’…but here’s my summation of the evening:

Aaron: A rudimentary jazz choir performance of “Fly me to the Moon”. He did nothing remotely interesting or inventive with the song…holding onto a few notes longer than others, doesnt make it jazz.

Crystal: I still have to close my eyes when she performs…she always has that pained, hand caught in the cookie jar look on her face. It’s uncomfortable to watch someone who is uncomfortable. no? Anyways, eyes closed…she always sounds great! She did tonight as well….not her best…but this is out of everyones element.

Michael: Tackles another genre with the same laid back, gentle soul he appraoched every other genre with. He knows his groove and he sticks to it…which is why he is doing well in this competition. WHile everyone else scrambles to do something differnt…he stays in his groove. right onnnnnn….

Casey: Looked like me getting our of the shower tonight…wet hair slicked back into a messy bun. I wasnt digging that look (I certainly dont when it’s me looking in the mirror post shower…). He tried, but his voice doesnt lend itself well to jazz…shocker. He could be in trouble tomorrow…

Lee: rocked it…of course! He sang it straight and let his voice do the work. No vocal gymnastics to try and make it ‘jazz’…just a pure rock voice singing an old standard with the coolest person in the world accompanying him on the electric organ…how can you miss?




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