Survivor Recap

6 05 2010

Hey Survivor…what’s the friggin rush?

They are rushing through this season like dessert’s on the table…what’s the deal? DOnt get me wrong, as long as I dont tune in to find they are running the dreaded recap show…I’m good. But seriously, this is the second week where there has been a double elimination…are they trying to make up time, or does CBS have scheduling issues to contend with in the coming weeks? I dunno…but if you were confused when all seemed to be wrapping up at 8:30 tonight…they were just keeping us on our toes.

Yes, there was a double elimination.

There was also another hidden idol (which Sandra found, but Rupert pretending to find, saving him from the first round of elimination)
As simple as putting a rock in your pocket (or are you just happy to see me? sorry…) will put enough of a bug in Russel’s head, and make him split the votes in case you play said idol. So Rupert swung the votes Candices way…and she as the first to go (was it really worht making all those enemies last week? It gave her one extra day…you decide.)

Then Russel got mad. He got mad at his ‘woman’ for having half a brain. He likes his women stupid…plumb stupid. And as much as Parvati smiles and laughs like an airhead…she aint ‘rock dumb’. So Russel made his first bad move based on assumption all game. He told Parvati that Natalie was against her and visa versa. But what he failed to think about, was the fact that Parvati will stand up for herself and approach anyone who offends her…so she did, which outted Russel’s plan.

Not that it mattered, Jerry, Colby and Rupert needed a save…so they voted with Russell, spelling the end for Parvati’s right hand gal, Natalie.

This game changes with high tide, and I am LOVING it!




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6 05 2010
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19 08 2010
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