“Mother” of all TV Weekends…

7 05 2010

Heck of a weekend ahead folks – especially if you’re a mother and already have a reservation…anywhere.

But actually, you’ve got a tonne of reasons to be pumped for this next few days…

Here’s what I’m watching this weekend:

Playoffs: sports fans…the second round is heating up…teams are pulling ahead, teams are pulling even…teams are failing to rise to the occasion. Where does your team fall? All teams are playing at least one game this friday through sunday so check local listings to catch them all!

Jeopardy: If you know me, you know that my absolute favourite show is Jeopardy…seriously. I never try to foist my obession with the show onto my readers…but tonight is an exception. It is the finals of the Celebrity Jeopardy (non SNL version) Million Dollar tournament. That’s right…a million dollars to a charity tonight, and some steep competition. Tune in tonight at 7:30 in most areas!

SNL: My hands are shaking with excitement as I type this…last week was a teaser (re-run), but this week… the epoch and most anticipated episode of the season is upon us…BETTY WHITE hosts! EPIC Television…do not miss it!

Amazing Race: The finale! This sunday 3 teams go for the WIN in the race around the world. It’s Cowboys, against models, against Gay brothers… can it get much better than that? Tune in, Sunday night 8pm (take mom for an early dinner!)

I know what I’m doing this weekend… watching TV…with my mom.




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