Monday Monday

10 05 2010

Ahhh yes… welcome to another edition of “Monday” ladies and gents.

What do I have planned? Take a wild stab in the dark…and if you skewered “watching DWTS in between the Montreal game” of course…you would be right.

Here’s what I’m watching tonight:

The final 5 battle it out…will soemone finally emerge as the front runner? They will each dance 2 individual routines. My prediction is this: Evan and Nicole will get some 10’s, and the rest will try…but ultimately end up with 8’s. I had a lovely conversation with my grandmother (an avid watcher…) about her picks…and she says she “likes Nicole, because she’s with Derek“. Interesting. would she have liked Pam An if she was with Derek? Would Doherty have fared better if she was partnered with the wonder boy? You see, Derek represents the grandchild every grandmother wishes for.
So, the fact that Nicole gets away with wearing less than her skivvies, and has no definitive personality to speak of…is probably a tribute to her partner. As your grandparents who they like…see if they come up with the same answer. That’s what you need to win this show… humility, great legs/chest, and the 75 + crowd on your side.
Tune in to see my Nana’s favourite pair dance, 8pm ABC.

And if you are a hockey fan, and/or living in the Quebec/Ontario border region… you will not be wathcing much dancing… Habs face off against the defending champs tonight  at home, 7pm CBC. Football fans take note, the police are calling in for all hands on deck tonight…because win or lose…Montreal is going to be like the epicentre of a Tornado tonight.

Whatever your decide to watch, Have a great TV Night.




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