DWTS recap

11 05 2010

Not that you MISSED it last night (unless you live in the Montreal area and were….preoccupied) but here’s my recap of DWTS monday.

Briefly, I think my predictions rang true…the ‘top two’ brought their A game, and the rest…fell behind.

Neicy: Did her best, but it wasnt enough to catapult into the winners circle. She is the last ‘character’ left on this show, but the funny girl never wins (the one with the legs, toned mid section and perky…top half have the better chance). Hey, nothing has changed since highschool. She had two good dances, but ended up in the bottom for the night. She was not in the bottom two last week, this week…she will be, but might have enough fans to keep her around!

Chad: Seemed…off. I think professional athletes have a hard time feeling inadequate. After years of being ‘the best’ at something, it’s hard to start from square one with another skill. I also think Cheryl’s rejections have been wearing him down. He was, again, OK tonight…but not as good as Evan, and not as ‘fun’ as Neicy…so, he may be in some trouble tonight.

Erin: Is the only ‘darkhorse’ left…if she could set herself up as the blonde, more personable version of Nicole (but less of a ‘bombshell’ than Pam An)…she could seriosuly make a last ditch run for it! And to boot, she danced really well last night! Her tango with Maks was full of tricks/flips (literally) and long leg action. She ended up with great scores for the night, tied with golden boy Evan for second.

Evan: Still reminds me of a ken doll with 5 pre-recorded phrases. He lacks personality and warmth, which he ‘tried to work on’ this week…sorry honey, you gotta be born with it! He was never a crowd pleaser, and although he dances well…I never remember his routines at the end of the night. Obviously, he’s a contender…he’s a dancer and has the body to carry a performance. TOnight, he got predictably good scores, and ended up in a tie for second place with Erin.

Nicole: Put on her most desperate acting job of the season…having a breakdown over ‘people thinking this is easy for me’. right. it’s totally difficult. Which is obvious when you co-choreograph your routines with Derek, when you come out on the dancefloor looking like the other pro‘s, and when you get 5 out of the possible 6 perfect tens for your dance. Yep, you and Neicy are on the same level…you just work harder and execute better? I doubt it. Anwyays, it’s no surprise she rose to the top and won the night.




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