American Idol Recap

12 05 2010

Jamie Foxx…really? I mean…Really?! Why not get Jacquin Pheonix…same thing.

The night was a bit dull, admittedly… minus one or two shining moments. But what didnt help was the awkward exchange between J-Foxx and the Idols….”seduce me”…No thanks!

To briefly recap the night:

Lee– is awesome, but chose a very safe song in Kissed by a Rose and did little to ntohing with it to make it fresh.

Big MIke– Took on a great song from Free Willy…unfortunately the song was overshadowed by the hilarious banter between him and Simon about…Willies.

Casey- plays a mean Mandoline…and has pretty hair, swoon. But again, did nothing terribly exciting with Mrs Robinson…in fact I think he made it even slower than the orginal hippy anthem.

Crystal– Took on a Kenny Loggins tune with gusto…too bad no one knows that song.

Lee and Crystal– match made in HEAVEN! Amazing song (Falling SLowly), Amazing partnership, I’m downloading it as we speak.

Casey/Mike– paled in comparison…I cant even remember it to be honest. Never a good sign.

Ok, so there was ONE shining moment…between Lee and Crystal, which may have cemented their births in the top 3. We shall see…tune in for elimination Wednesday, tonight 9pm FOX.




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