Wednesday Night Recap

12 05 2010

Busy Busy Busy…

First…if you live anywhere close to the downtown of Montreal… that tremble you feel… is the stampede of people jumping up and down in the streets. Don’t call the cops…join the party! Habs win over the Pens means no one was watching anything else… like Top Model.

(seamless transition…) In the finale of Americas Top Model, it’s so nice to see skinny, beautiful people getting their dues…money, power, fame, beauty…must be tough. At any rate, it was between Naomi cambpell and Brooke Shields for the win…and Naomi (Krista) took the crown! Congrats…see you on the cover of Seventeen (and probably never again.)

In American Idol news… I was smart, and tuned in for the final 10 minutes to see (taht I had not missed anything) the elmination and, as a result, the final 3 contestants.
Top 3: Lee, Crystal and Casey
Big Mike
leaves us (for real) this week.

A champion falls
A winner is revealed,
A loser goes home…

just another wednesday night!




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