Survivor Recap

13 05 2010

It is officially finale season…

This has been a truly epic season of Survivor…

Tonight was just another great night in a season FULL of them! Here’s what went down in the Survivor ‘hood’:

  • Jerry wins award- takes her hoes over her Bros.
  • Head ‘Bro’ Russel throws a hissy fit back at camp…male bonding ensues.
  • Hoes eat hamburgers and talk about the silly boys
  • Hoes vs Bros at immunity… Last hoe standing is Parvati.
  • Bros make a new plan… the annoying hoe will go.
  • The annoying hoe happens to have an idol…a secret one. Will she play it?
  • Sandra (annoying Hoe…) plays idol (smartly!)
  • Unsuspecting Bro goes home… goodbye Rupert…shoulda stayed with the Hoes!

Good right?

I’m bummed, because Parvati is still in contention, Russel still runs the show, Sandra wont shut up, Jerry thinks she’s all that but isnt…and Colby is weak. The last REAL hero went home tonight… sigh.




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